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G usually broadcasts co-working streams on Twitch 4 days a week. In each co-working stream, G films herself working in sessions of 45 minutes while muted, and then takes a break for 7 minutes to chat to viewers, motivate anyone whos struggling and entertain viewers with mini games. Studying/working in segments like this is called the Pomodoro technique, which G didnt invent but found useful when studying herself. For more info, check this website:  The Pomodoro Technique
Co-working streams can help everyone. Whether you're studying at university, working for a big company or freelancing, it's a space to focus and get things done alongside a friendly community.

There are many reasons why people find co-working streams useful. Apart from the most obvious ones (improving your time management, beating isolation and finding additional inspiration), these are some of G's favorites:

Body doubling

Body doubling means working with another person present. The body double doesn’t need to actively help with the task or physically be in the room with you, and they can be doing something unrelated while you complete your task. The important part is the knowledge that someone is ‘present’ and aware that you’re working on your task, which can help keep you focused on what you’re doing.

Escaping rabbit holes

It’s easy to get hyper-focused on a task and lose sight of the overall goal of what you’re trying to do. Co-working streams can remind you to take regular breaks and reflect on what you’re doing.


The problem with motivation is it can vanish. Focusing on routine, or as James Clear calls it in his book, Atomic Habits, on a system, allows you to push through the hard moments when you just don’t want to work. G helps people in creating a habit showing up everyday at the same time, setting clear goals and working for set periods of time, which can help a lot more than a vague sense of motivation.

G started streaming in November 2020 because her internship went fully remote during lockdown. Suddenly alone and struggling to focus, G decided to try streaming on Twitch to stay accountable. StudyTme’s popularity was totally unexpected, but G is loving the journey!
The CEO Gang places a lot of importance on using your energy effectively and listening to your needs. If you’re feeling tired, you need to listen to your body and rest to be the most effective you can be. Burning out is one of the worst ways people lose their productivity - you can’t ‘hustle’ if you’re too tired to function.
Being a CEO (Chief Executive Officer) literally means to be ultimately responsible for taking managerial decisions of a company. The idea is that we the CEOgang are concious of being the final responsible of our lifes, but also of the reality we live in.